Brush Rolls

Brush Rolls
Brush Rollers or roller brushes as they are also known, are used for brushing machines and for cloth finishing operations. We also offer special roller brushes for pharmaceuticals industries , strip brushes, applicator brushes and such other related products.


  • Free running capability to convey very lightweight loads.

  • Low cost alternative to stainless steel tube rollers.

  • Plastic conveyor rollers are available in either grey and blue.

  • Ideal for use in humid, wet or wash-down environments.

  • Non-marking benefits when in contact with the white top surface of flat or modular belts.

Brush RollsNormally brush Roll is made after doing ebonite coating on Roll to avoid resting on steel surface. Different type of brushes are available as per specific requirements like Nylon brushes, synthetic brushes, animal hair brushes, for different applications which include brushing and cleaning of blankets.

Brush RollsOur range of industrial brush rollers are durable, reliable, dimensionally accurate, corrosion & moisture resistant. These industrial brush rollers can be applied in various industries like construction, printing and machine handling. We offer our range of industrial brush rollers on highly competitive prices. We also offer special roller brushes for medication industries, strip styling brushes, contractor styling brushes and such other related Products.