curve bar expander roll

Curve Bar Expander Roll

Three Curve Bar Expander Assembly

3 Curve Bar Expander Assembly

Curve Bar ExpanderRubber Curve Bar Expander roll  is used for removing wrinkles from Textile Processing machines like Calendars, Dyeing, Bleaching machines, Drying Ranges, Stenters, Bow weft straightener. Curve bar expander used on textile machines having more bow than other Industries like Paper, plastic. For abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, high temperature resistance, Nitril, Hypolan, rubber sleeves are used. Special sealing are provided for wet working condition and avoid resting of ball bearings inside the roll.


Curve Bar ExpanderThis is one of the most effective devices for removing crease-wrinkles, which is normally fitted on the chainless mercerize machine. With this device, we get maximum fabric surface contact area on all the three curved bars which ensures effective removal of crease / wrinkle.

Curve Bar Expander
We can run two web/fabrics having separate widths on this device.

This device contains high abrasive synthetic rubber sleeve duel fitted on free moving double sealed ball bearings with robust mounting construction.