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Scroll Spreader Roll

Scroll Roll mounted on foot Mounting Pedestals

Scroll Roll Spreading System

Reverse Forward Thread Roller (Aluminum / M.S., Steel)

Parabolic Camber Scroll Roller


Scroll RollsScroll rolls are wrinkle removing rolls from web materials for manufacturing, processing, Coating, converting, Scroll roll are available in different materials like Ebonite, M.S, stainless steel, aluminum. For cloth processing machines ebonite scroll rolls are used, for other web materials like plastic, leather cloth, paper, vinyl, foils, polyester ebonite is not suitable as the same generate static electricity or damage the web material. 

These grooves "stretch- the web from the inside toward the edges, eliminating lengthwise wrinkles. 

LH-RH Grooving is applied to get maximum result. 

Parabolic Scroll Roll: 


Scroll Rolls

Scroll Rolls

Scroll Rolls