Suction Roll, Rubber Roller

Suction Roll, Rubber Roller


suction rollSuction Rolls are designed to reduce moisture, eliminate crush and generally improve mill productivity.

suction rollWe have over 12 years experience manufacturing the highest quality suction rolls. We have designed and built rolls ranging from non-driven fixed opening suction felt rolls to variable width, variable length suction forming rolls. The experience and manufacturing expertise gained over this period assures a modern and efficient roll that will stand the test of time. 

Prior to delivery all our Suction Rolls are thoroughly inspected using the latest state-of-the-art computer programs. This not only assures the integrity and strength of the roll, but also that it will provide the highest level performance in the nip with your geometry.


v      The shell is centrifugally cast out of various bronze and stainless steel alloys. The metallurgy that is right for your specific application depends on the mill's environment. All shells are drilled on a spiral pattern to assure quite operation.

v      The suction box features stainless steel fabrication, and is counterbalanced to offset the seal arrangement and support the box during removal.

v       The stainless steel trunnion features a bolt-on design and is sized to provide the optimum velocity while reducing noise and preventing premature separation.

v      The forged steel heads are epoxy painted to prevent corrosion.

v      A box adjustment of 360- rotation is provided by a full worm gear and worm.

v      There is a three bearing design with the rear internal bearing featuring an inner ring rotation. The entire rear internal bearing assembly is replaceable.

v      Deckle adjustment is made from the front of the roll utilizing a dual shaft arrangement.


suction roll

suction roll