Tyre Cord Aligner, Web Master

Tire Cord Centralizer Cord Aligner

Tyre Cord Aligner, Web Master

Tyre Cord Aligner

Web Master"CONPAPTEX" Cord-aligner is centralizing device specially meant for tire-cord machines like Liner Re-Winder, Calendars, Dipping Plant, Let-off and Wind-up Stations. 

This Unit is widely used in Tyre Industry. 

Web MasterThe unit consists of two numbers jointed axle bowed Rolls light duty or heavy duty as per application/fabric tension.   Both side fabric edges are sensed sensor and take correction as required by jointed axle bow roll which works independently both sides by the sensing given by each side sensor.  Available with hexagonal shaft 1-1/4- square bar for roll diameter 110mm or with 75mm shaft diameter and Roll diameter 160mm for heavy duty applications.

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