Pneumatic Cloth Guider Manufacturer India

pneumatic cloth guider (model: CPT-10)

Pneumatic Cloth Guider (Model: CPT-10)


  •          Compact design.

  •          Sensitive working.

  •          Longer roller length for strong nip.

  •          Best for brood fabric width.

  •          Can be used in vertical, horizontal or angular direction.

  •          Suitable for use in dry/wet fabrics.

  •          Ideal for wide and heavy fabric.

  •          For special application like steam, acid, colour, size -chemical fabric processing         
       machine, the guider supplied with unit - corrosive material parts.


  •         Fixed roller of 80mm dia, 280 length - Hylem / Stainless steel

  •         Moving roller of 80mm din, 280mm length - Synthetic rubber /

  •         Polyurethane rubber/Stainless steel.

  •         Web edge sensing-mechanical by feeler lever.

  •         Operating pressure-1 bor.

  •         Weight 18 kg/pair.