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POWDER BRAKEPowder Brakes & Clutches are used as Unwind & Rewind Torque control, with Load Cells, Dancer & Tension Control, to maintain CONSTANT TENSION 

v      Briefly, the coupling comprises of two concentric parts, the body or input part containing the field coil within it, separated by small annular gap, an inner rotor, or out put part.

v      The annular gap contains a ferromagnetic powder, which is activated when the coil is energized.

v      The resultant flux which is generated , passes through the powder , causing it to align with the flux path , and there by creates a driving bond between input and out put part , the strength of which is solely determined by value of D.C. current applied to the field coil. 

Powder Brakes / Clutches are proportional Torque devices. Torque is controlled by varying the excitation current. Torque is strictly proportional to excitation. These devices has minimal drag torque, i.e. at zero excitation, torque is minimal and near to zero. This devices are for high torque low power applications. Powder Brake & Clutches are manufactured by us in wide range Torque rating starting from tiny 0.3 KgM to massive 100 KgM, & comes in self cooled, forced cooled and water cooled models.. These devices come with matching electronics to meet your most exacting applications      

POWDER BRAKEPOWDER BRAKEMagnetic Particle Brakes & Clutches are popularly known as Powder brakes & clutches. These powder brakes & clutches are manufactured by us in wide range from tiny 0.3 KgM to massive 100 KgM torque range These are manufactured in self cooled, forced air cooled & water cooled version. Powder brakes & clutches are real torque control device, meaning braking or clutching torque is strictly proportional to excitation current. 

The magnetic powder clutch and brake achieves at low control power a high torque being independent from the slip speed. It distinguishes itself by a simple construction, low weight and small required space. Due to this advantage the clutch / brake is used for the solution of many technical problems. For the various applications also appropriate control devices are necessary. By changing the exciting power force, the torque to be transmitted can be adjusted infinitely variable in the range 1:30 The Powder Brakes & Clutches contain, as their name suggests, a magnetic powder. 

powder brakeThe electrical current passing through the coil generates a magnetic field, which changes the property of the powder, from free flowing condition at no excitation to solid rock condition at full excitation. Thus producing a smooth braking torque through friction between rotor and stator. The Powder Brakes & Clutches produces their rated torque at zero speed. The element to be tested / Clutched, can be loaded at standstill to determine the starting torque.  

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