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Metal Expander Roller

Metal Bow Roll


Metal Expander RollMetal Expander Roller is most suitable in high-speed Pulp & Paper & Textile Applications It also Known as Wrinkle Removers, Bow Rollers & Banana Rollers

Metal expander roll having hard chrome surface which is suitable for high speed and high tension applications for Paper industries, particularly for slitter re-winders, Calendars, Poop Reels, M.G cylinders.  On high speed machines it does not wear & tear so it is commonly used in place of Rubber Bow Roll.

Types of Metal Expander Roll:

1.       Individual Segment Rotating Type

2.       Single Piece Rotating Type. (It is too heavy weight  due its internal construction and

       require extra drives & Pulleys to drive the roll)

  • Metal Bow Roll With Individual Rotating Segments

  •  Metal Expander roll with hard chrome surface

  •  Carbon Steel Designed Bow Rollers

  • Metal bow roll with bow angle adjusting worm-worm wheel gear