Web Aligner, Web Guiding System

Hydro Pneumo Web Aligner Unit

Web Aligner, Web Guiding System

Web AlignerCON-PAP-TEX is the most leading manufacturer for Web Aligner Units in India. We have the capacity to supply 100-150 units per month. We have systematic work flow chart & updated technology to produce the machine at very high speed and great perfection. We invite inquiries from machinery manufactures also to purchase the units in bulk orders.  

CON-PAP-TEX make Web Aligner are the Heart of Hydro Pneumatic web guiding system, to automatically guide all type of material of any width, at any speed, under any load. Completely self contained with an integral air generator for sensor. We make Edge Guiding works as Heart to automatically guide material of any width, speedIt is coupled with 3 phase AC motor and Hydraulic. pump is also attacWeb Alignerhed on the same shaft which is fitted inside the oil tank filled with Hydraulic oil. The signals from the Air flow sensors are received by spool type proportional servo valve mounted just under polyester diaphragm. Unique design gives extremely narrow dead band & fastest possible response for unexcelled guiding results. The power pack units are available in different models from 0.25 HP to 3 HP to meet any guiding application you may have. In-Built Air Generator avoids use of external air supply. 

Web AlignerThese units are used to automatically guide all type of flexible materials of any width, at any seed, under any load. Inherent capabilities of this unit assure stable operational at all correcting the web at any speed and loads. 

CON-PAP-TEX Power units are used to   automatically   guide all types of flexible materials of any width, at any speed, under any load. Completely self-contained, with an integral air pump, these units eliminate the need for additional air regulators or plant air. Modular construction and sub plate-mounted components provide maximum ease of servicing. Inherent capabilities of CON-PAP-TEX units assure stable operation at all correcting speeds and loads. Air Pressure Power Units are available in models from 1/4 H.P. to 3 H.P. to meet any guiding application you may have. Double and triple power units are available incorporating two and three servo valves on the same reservoir to handle multiple guiding applications. A source of power is mandatory in a web guiding system. The power unit is much more than just an energy source, however, because it normally furnishes modulated power to the actuating devices. It therefore is an amplifier of control signals, as well as a power source In addition to providing hydraulic power for the actuating circuit the power unit produces pneumatic power for the sensors. Sensor supply pressure must remain constant, and the power supply provides this element. Our constant pressure generator produces constant pressure at a given head no pressure regulator is therefore required. Water, oil and scale contamination and other miscellaneous plant air problems are also avoided.  

CON-PAP-TEX uses one of a series of Web guide pneumatic hydraulic units in most of its systems. These units come in several sizes and a suitable one can be found for any application. 

Web - Aligner (Power Pack) Unit Complete With:

v      0.5 H.P. Motor

v      Air Pipe - 5 Mtr.

v      Oil Pipe - 5 Mtr.

v      Sensor - 1 pcs

v      Adjuster - 1 pcs.

v      Air Filter - 1 pcs.

v      Oil Filter - 1 pcs.

v      Hydraulic Cylinder size 4-, 6- & 8-strock - 1 pcs. 


In the specially designed non-contact Air flow sensors, air is expelled from two opposing orifices. The differential air pressure is use to detect lateral wandering of the material in process. The Airflow sensors are self cleaning & fitted with fine adjustment mounting bracket. 


It works on hydraulic pressure. It actuates the correcting frames. Available in different size from 2" to 18" stroke length. 

Technical Specifications for Power Pack Unit 




Motor rating (3 phase, 50 Hz

0.5 HP


Pump flow rate

3.4 l/min

5.8 l/min

Tank capacity

17 liters

30 liters

Oil type

Servo 32, Enklo 44, Hydro 37


Line pressure

14 bar

21 bar

Max. Operation force (50.8 mm dia. Cylinder)


389.5 kg

Follow-up speed



Max. At 3.4 l/min



At 5.8 l/min



Air sensor air pressure

5 to 28 mbar, infinitely adj.


Weight including oil



Double Power Pack

Dual Web Aligner 

We are skilled in offering the Double Power Pack renowned for providing high capacity, control options & configurations to be utilized in almost any application. The Double Power Pack is designed and manufactured using premium quality hydraulic components selected from a wide range and assembled using high technology systems which are designed with technologically advanced concept. 

Electro-Hydro Web Aligner Unit

Benefits of Electro-Hydro Web Aligner Unit:

v      No maintenance

v      Labor saving

v      Electricity saving

v      No wastage

v      More production 


v      M. S. Tank and M. S. Plate 


v      Electronic of the film Photocell sensor for edge.

v      Electronic 0 - 5 HP AC Motor.

v      Electrical Panel Board for Operate the complete Unit.

v      Hydraulic Cylinder - Adjuster - Oil Pipe. 


v      Speed of Unit 250/min

v      Variation of the film Winding is 0.5

 Suitable for all types of Machines like:

v      Rotogravure Printing Machine

v      Lamination Machine / Coating Machine

v      Slitter Rewinder Machine

v      Doctoring Rewinding Machine

v      Paper Machinery

v      Textile Machine like Batching Machine, Inspection Machine, etc

v      Tyre-Cord Machinery