Distance Pieces

Distance PiecesAs an important component of slitting line tooling distance rings for overarm separator disc play a vital role in setting up a slitting line tool. These rings are provided to maintain a uniform computed defined distance between the rotary slitting knives of the slitter cutter. The distance rings should have the same formation in term of dimensions and shape as that of the cutter or the slitting cutter knife that is being used in the operation of cutting or slitting, it is also noticed and advised to use the size of the distance rings as a bit smaller as that to compared of that of the knives that are being used for the cutting or the slitting operations so that the knives can enter into the material that is being slitted or being cut by the knives cutter and also for knife maintenance like grinding and sharpening of the cutting edges of the knives.

Accuracy of the Distance Rings Used With the Overarm Separator Disc Can Govern the Performance of the Cutting/ Slitting Operation

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