mechanical cloth guiders (model: CPT-10)

Mechanical Cloth Guider Manufacturer India

mechanical cloth guiders


  •          Suitable for only dry areas. Steam, moisture, slovens, gas, water may cause accident
       in this guiders.

  •          Highly recognized performance for printing / making-up machines.

  •          The web edge sensing by feeler lever.

  •          The electrical switching will apply/release the nip pressure on rollers. mechanical cloth guider KEW 10





  •          Fixed roller of 80mm dia, 280mm length - Hyrum / Stainless steel/ Teflon.

  •          Moving roller of 80mm dia, 280mm length - Synthetic rubber/ Polyurethane/ Stainless

  •          Web edge sensing - mechanical by feeler lever.

  •          Operating voltage - D.C. 24 volts.

  •          Roller nip - Electra-magnetic.

  •          Weight 21 kg / pair