plastic roller

Plastic Roller

Plastic RollersThese Plastic rollers that we offer are commonly manufactured from high impact rigid PVC tube, solid high density polyethylene & ultra high molecular weight plastic. 

We coat various types of plastic synthetic coatings for the printing industries. Our two main synthetic coatings are corvel and rilsan. Synthetic materials which provide resistance to chemicals while offering excellent abrasion, wear and impact resistance with a low coefficient of friction. 

The selection of roller type and coating material depend upon the application and the web material. We manufacture wide range of plastic rollers for varied applications. 


v      Free running capability to convey very lightweight loads.

v      Low cost alternative to stainless steel tube rollers.

v      Plastic conveyor rollers are available in either grey and blue.

v      Ideal for use in humid, wet or wash-down environments.

v      Non-marking benefits when in contact with the white top surface of flat or modular belts.